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Welcome To Astro Palmist Vaastuguru  

It's a great pleasure to see you here at Astro Palmist Vaastuguru on web, this site is dedicated to Indian Astro Sciences and other Vedic Sciences and has been aimed to spread the benefits of these Sciences to the mankind by way of advises on Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vaastu & other vedic sciences to the each and every corner of the world.

Astrology is a long-established Ancient & Vedic Science with a combinations of Astronomy mathematically calculated, method of exploring the major events of our future due to influence of Planets on ourselves, our relationships and our place & Status in the world. It works by taking a look the impact and influence of heavenly planets at the significant events & environmental influences right from our date, time & place of birth , starts operating in a particular place at a given time – as expressed through the HOROSCOPE in the symbolic relationships and influences of the heavenly bodies. Astrology, the science of the stars, can give us insight into all fronts of life and all manners of situations, from the personal relationship, marital life, children, individual professional growth, financial growth, prosperities & properties, health & longivity of life, achievements, social to the political activities and from the most intimate to the most mundane.

Divya Astro Sciences promotes these Supernatural science to the world to serve the Human Race and for its Usefulness.

It is a complete mission to provide benefits of ASTROLOGY, PALMISTRY, NUMEROLOGY, VAASTU, FENG SHUI & other SUPERNATURAL sciences where you will get much more than you expect like ASTROLOGICAL, PALMISTRY, NUMEROLOGICAL and VAASTU combined consultations by our team of Astrologers and Researchers for you any where in the world.

Astro Consultancy Astro Services

For All Type of Astrological Advises relating to the problems on all fronts of your life, like - Assessment of Financial Growth, Ups and Downs in Business, Profession, Problems Relating to the Health, Education, Suitability of Match Making & Married Life, Delay in Marriage, Choosing of a Proper Business Or Profession, Problems Related to Birth of Child, Suitability and Prosperity of a Rented Or Own Constructed House etc. etc. We advise the remedial measures which includes a combination of various streams of Astrology & Vaastu, Mantra therapy, Stone therapy and other measures, as suggested by Indian astrological science.

All the consultancy work is being provided with a professional fee.

Astro Courses

A three months course on Astrology (Online & Classroom Studies both).

Consultations by way of Palmistry

Consultancy on the basis of the scanned photocopy of impressions of both the palms.

Palmistry Courses

One month course on Palmistry (Online & Classroom Studies both).

Consultations by way of Numerology

Horoscope Related:

  • Preparation of Manual & Computerised HOROSCOPE
  • Match Making of Horoscopes for the Purpose of Marriage, Business Partnership & Employing a Senior Executive in Large Corporates

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Consultations by way of Vaastu

Vaastu Courses

One month course on Vaastu (Online & Classroom Studies both).

Consultations by way of FENG SHUI

Ask the Question / Questions / Whole Life Predictions / Whole Life Membership:

Astro Products

Metal Energised Ring for Removing KAAL SARP DOSHA
Manglik Dosh Niwarak (Nueteralising) Yantra.
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